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The Ends of Art and Design Stuart Kendall The era of representation is over. The hegemony of art over design ended. We now live in a world of events that are fundamentally and comprehensively shaped by design. For good or ill, from clothes to cars to cities and social systems, we live in a world created by designers. This fact stands as an enormous challenge to our educators, curators, and politicians and as an equally enormous opportunity for all of us as citizens and consumers. The Ends of Art and Design proposes a new way to think about the relationship between design and culture as well as new roles for design education within the Humanities and for the Humanities within design education. If the design fields are the primary agents of contemporary culture, they should be the primary focus of contemporary cultural studies. The Ends of Art and Design is not a polemic on behalf of the design disciplines, whether creative or critical: it is a polemic on behalf of the way we live today. Stuart Kendall is a writer, editor, and translator working at the intersections of modern and contemporary art and design, critical theory, poetics, and theology. He is the author of Georges Bataille (Reaktion Books, Critical Lives) and has published numerous translations of French philosophy, literature, and cultural criticism. He is currently the President of the Design Studies Forum, a professional organization that promotes the study of design history, theory and practice. He lives in Oakland, California, where he teaches at the California College of the Arts.